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~ Artist, Sculptor, Creative Designer ~

Nashville visit / 2010

Acting "Silly" 
Shopping in Nashville

Playing my Fiddle / 2008

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 Granny Hatfield at work ... "Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show" 

This was a fun job !!!



Pottery !!!
I press real leaves into the clay and I sculpt the acorns.


"Brook Trout"
My most recent PRINT ... Available NOW !!!
Write to me if you are interested in purchasing a print.
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Colored Pencil


CD Cover that I designed for THE BEAT DADDYS

CD Cover that I designed for BOOGERTOWN GAP

Bill Stewart  performed on the GRAND Ol' OPRY and his brother (Redd Stewart) wrote the "Tennessee Waltz"
He "twin fiddled" with me again this year at the
"2010 Fall Homecoming Festival" at the Museum of Appalachia.

It was fun hanging out back stage and visiting with the musicians !!!


Terry Nell Morris (Me) and  Bill Stewart


Carlock Stooksbury (RIP) and Terry Nell Morris (Me)


 Bill Stewart and Terry Nell Morris (Me) ~ Twin Fiddling


Juanita Johnson * John Alvis *  and  Rebekah Weiler


John Alvis


Rebekah Weiler

I got to meet the QUEBE SISTERS !!!  :)


  Project / Completed 2010
By Andy Whitaker (assisted by Terry Nell Morris)

"Tile and "Mixed Medium" Mosaic  (Panorama Photo)
Located on the walls of the "Ladies Restroom" at "
Harby's Pizza" in Fountain City, TN
Many "refurbished" tiles and "found objects" were used in this project.
It took several months to complete.



Charlie Acuff's 90th Birthday Celebration

RIP : December 5, 1919 - November 22, 2013

Below is the "Guest Ticket" that I designed
and the POSTER that I designed.

The photos at the party were taken for me by my friend, Andy Whitaker.

Charlie passed away on November 22, 2013.  We miss him.



                  Terry Nell Morris (Me) and Charlie Acuff (RIP)                         John Alvis * Juanita Johnson * Charlie Acuff (RIP)

Charlie Acuff performed at the 2009 and 2011 "Fall Homecoming Festival" at the Museum of Appalachia.

I got to spend the day "back stage" with my friends and met all kinds of wonderful people ...
I also was lucky enough to get to "jam" with many great musicians !!!

I played "twin fiddles" with
Bill Stewart ... 
... while the videographer for the Museum of Appalachia taped our "performance" !!!
(Bill Stewart was, at one time, the youngest "Fiddle Player" on the Grand Old Opry and
his brother is Redd Stewart is best known for writing the "Tennessee Waltz")

We had a GREAT TIME !!!



This is my very talented friend, Andy Whitaker.
Check out his web site that I designed !!!
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         The Invaders
  Click The PHOTO to view PICTURES and VIDEOS that I made of my friends.   



Ad Design that I created for

If you are interested in hiring me to help you design
ads or CD covers or posters (or what-ever you need)
... just write to me at


One-of-a-Kind Doll Art
Sculpture by Terry Nell Morris

The MAD HATTER from "Alice in Wonderland"

CLICK to see CLOSE-UP Photos

"Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland"
(One-of-a-Kind Doll Art / Mixed Medium / Head is sculpted from ProSculpt polymer clay)

(Approximately 18" tall)

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  Photos of "THE BEAT DADDYS" in Gatlinburg, TN
Photos by Terry Nell Morris

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One of my best friends is Larry Grisham of THE BEAT DADDYS.
Larry is a very talented Singer /Song Writer
and has played the harmonica on the Grammy Nominated song,
"I'm a Blues Man" by Bobby "Blue" Bland.
Visit  to read about the band and order their CD's.


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CD Cover that Larry Grisham and I designed for
THE BEAT DADDYS - "Five Moons"

I am proud to announce that THE BEAT DADDYS'
Five Moons" CD was nominated by the
Kentucky Blues Society and made it to
the final Top 5 in the worldwide
International Blues Foundation competition for
the "Best self-produced Blues-rock CD of 2007.

Released in June, 2006

Available from




CD Cover that Larry Grisham and I designed for
THE BEAT DADDYS - "Live at the Quincy Blues Fest 2007"

Released January 2008
Available now from


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Oxford-Ad_Final_4_smOP.jpg (89488 bytes)

These are two ads
that I created
with Larry Grisham

for "The Beat Daddys"
Blues Band.

This ad (left) was
published on
page 30 of the
May 2005 issue of Oxford American Magazine.

Click on the photo (left) to read the article that
I wrote about
"The Beat Daddys"

Blues Band.

The ad (right) was also published in both the November 2005
"Music Edition" as well as the February 2006
"Art Edition" of
Oxford American Magazine.

Ad_Lonely-Road_7_w-Guys_Border_KEEP2_web.jpg (290021 bytes)


~ Designed by Larry Grisham and Terry Nell Morris ~


    This is a special
    sculpture that I
    made with / for   
    my  good friend,    
    Larry Grisham.

   This little guy
   somehow survived   
   Katrina !!! 

    Larry went back
    and actually
    FOUND him !!!



  Here is an article that I wrote about   
Click the star to read  
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I am proud to announce that a short story I wrote
has been included in a book,
  Tales of the Rock and Roll Highway by Marley Brant.    

Click the star to read my story from the book.  star.gif (6376 bytes)


  The Synchronized Smoky Mountain Fireflies
  always "blink" in June !!!
  Read the story I wrote about them here ...
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   Moon_Cow_Star_ICON.jpg (7990 bytes)  
(click photo)
Sculpture !!!

"Swinging On Moon Dreams"

Angel_K1_sm-web_OP.jpg (6024 bytes)
(click photo)

   Other Sculptures   
(12 inches tall)


My Books are
STILL available !!!

BOOKS-2_Name2.jpg (52941 bytes)

"Goodnight, Dear Monster !"
and "Lucky Puppy ! Lucky Boy !"

For Web Page Design and
Web Page Hosting

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I also do Digital Photo Restorations of OLD PHOTOS !!!
Here is a sample of my work.
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          BEFORE               AFTER    

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