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Goodnight, Dear Monster - Lucky Puppy, Lucky Boy - Terry Nell Morris

"Goodnight, Dear Monster"
and  "Lucky Puppy ! Lucky Boy !"

Published by
Random House Publishing Company
Pantheon / Alfred A. Knopf Division

Only $5.00 each !!!
      (plus $5.00 for shipping for up to 10 books)
I am happy to autograph the books for you !!!

NOTES: Illustrations were selected and reproduced with royalties 
              and permission in the
Canadian Primary Reader.

USA TODAY Newspaper reported on June 27, 1989 that Dr. Richard Ferber,
Director of the "Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders" at Children’s Hospital,
Boston, MA, recommended “GOODNIGHT, DEAR MONSTER”, as one of eight
‘WELL KNOWN’ books to help children deal with “Going to Sleep” Disorders
and is used at the
"Chicago Sleep Disorder Clinic for Children" as part of
the sleep therapy program.

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