The Invaders


British Invasion Tribute Band


       The ORIGINAL "Invaders" are BACK !!!
 Bob Holmes         Alan Manning        Brooks Knott
                          Jim Morris                 Sonny Thrower

NOTE:  Bob Holmes is playing the DRUMS, but I was not able to get even ONE photo of him at this session !!!

Photos by Terry Nell Morris    

"The Invaders"  at the   Irish Times Pub

         Alan Manning       Brooks Knott                 Brooks Knott         Jim Morris         Sonny Thrower

 Jim Morris

                           Jim Morris                     Sonny Thrower
       Brooks Knott         Jim Morris                       Alan Manning                 Brooks Knott

Sonny Thrower                    


                     Alison                       Sonny Thrower                     

              Alan Manning                                        Brooks Knott                                                   Sonny Thrower

Brooks Knott                 Jim Morris               Sonny Thrower

Jim Morris             Sonny Thrower



                        Sonny Thrower         Brooks Knott      Irish Times Pub Owner - Jon  Ferrie      Sonny Thrower

"The Invaders" are INVITED BACK to the "Irish Times Pub" !!!!


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"Jammin' for Joy" and "Dance Now" ~ Aug. 1, 2009

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CROWN & GOOSE ~ Aug. 28, 2009


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         Photos by :   Terry Nell Morris