Terry Nell Morris

Terry Nell Morris
Pink Dogwood Drawing by Terry

Look what I made ...

I sculpted in Pro-Sculpt clay ... or made from fabric ...
everything except the "watch" and the wood base.

The MAD HATTER from "Alice in Wonderland"

(One-of-a-Kind Doll Art / Mixed Medium / Sculpted from ProSculpt polymer clay)
(Approximately 18" tall)

MH_2.jpg (264557 bytes)
Based on the original John Tenniel Drawings.

Shoes and Socks
Shoes and Socks / In Progress

Shoes and Socks
Shoes and Socks

Hand and "Pocket" Watch
Real / Ladies Necklace Watch

Close-up_sm.jpg (21765 bytes)
(I made the buttons also)

Hand and Bread

Hand_Bread_sm.jpg (102178 bytes)
Hand and Bread

Checks_MH_sm_K.jpg (16194 bytes)

Checks_MH_Back_Sm_K.jpg (14651 bytes)


        On the left is the drawing / sketch I used as a reference ...
The collage is based on the original John Tenniel drawings ...

Mad Hatter Drawing8-1_sm.jpg (9974 bytes)

I entered this piece in the
ProSculpt Clay Contest
Sponsored by Jack Johnston ...

I did not win this year, but I received an almost
perfect score and placed number 8 out of 1,000 entries.
... Maybe next year !!!


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