~ Here she is ... "Granny"


Granny and Katie reading her favorite book !!!

I played "GRANNY" for over 8 years
on a show here in the Smoky Mountains.
She was a wonderful part of my life ...
... and I miss her. 

I'm ready for my CLOSE UP ....

GRANNY's Jug Band ~ "Old Timer's Day" ~ Gatlinburg, TN


Move over AUNT BEA ... I'm goin' Fishin' .......

...... with BARNEY and ANDY !!!


Don't EVER mix "EXLAX" with "FLINTSONE Vitamins" !      

I did one time ..... Oh GOODNESS ...............       

I have NEVER seen so much ............       
YABBA DABBA Doo-Doo* in my LIFE !!!



Remember, Nothing "Sweet and Bright" Lasts FOREVER !


(a silly poem / song  that I wrote)

There is an old sayin'
That we learned in a song
It's really quite simple
But just a little long
So, I'll preach this sermon
As short as I can
Listen up close, or I'll
have to start again!

A chicken won't lay eggs
In the middle of the night
Pigs can't crow and
Worms don't bite
Never look skyward
When you shuffle your feet
Where the cow roams
in the meadow.

It's springtime in the Smokies
Love is in the air
Birds and bees and bunnies
Frolic here and there
Hug and kiss your Granny
Pick your friends and not your nose
There's more to this song
And this is how it goes.

Be sure that your sweetheart
Is your trusted best friend
Pass the corn, bread, and butter
But, never "pass wind"
A tater's got eyes
But can't sleep a wink
And you shouldn't skinny dip
In clear water !

When you're sittin' in the privy
Don't swat the bees
'Cause you can't run fast
With your britches 'round your knees
Remember clean underwear
Please for goodness sake
'Cause nothin' sweet and bright
lasts for-ever!

Copyright 1991 by Terry




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